Trevor Kennison in the middle of a back flip while skiing, with blue sky behind

I was born and raised in Keene, New Hampshire, and now reside in Winter Park, Colorado and absolutely love being outside and being active.

Trevor Kennison sat on his ski set with other skiers behind him on a snowy slope with pine trees in the background

I moved a lot as a kid so didn’t have many holiday traditions. Since my injury, I always go skiing on Christmas Day with friends or my sister ! The fondest memories of skiing on Christmas Day come from snowboarding as a kid with my sister and my dad. Every Christmas as a young child we woke up early and had cinnamon rolls and grapefruit. Now skiing on Christmas Day brings me back to those days as well as enjoying a sport I truly love to do. The empty mountain is always a nice perk!

Trevor Kennison dressed in ski gear, with a go pro camera on his hemet and holding a Labrador dog. Snowy mountain scene with pine trees behind and below him

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