In honour of National Siblings Day, we are celebrating The Salmon Sisters, Claire and Emma. Raised on a homestead in Alaska, they embody the hard work, dedication and commitment to community that we admire.

Emma & Claire

Q: Emma, what is something people would be surprised to learn about Claire?

A: Claire joined a local women’s hockey team this year and is a champion on ice! 

Claire on the Boat

Q: Claire, what is something people would be surprised to learn about Emma?

A: Emma drives the skiff for our family’s seine operation and is super good at creative, tasty cooking with limited ingredients — a skill learned from feeding our fishing crew — and enjoys making delicious meals in the winter with her husband Jacob — who is also a great chef.

Emma on the Boat

Q: What fun childhood memory do you share?

A: When we were kids we used to help steer the boat when our parents were out on the back deck pulling in fish. Sometimes we weren't the best at telling our right from our left and our dad would shout into the cabin "your other left!" It has been a fishing family from the start.

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