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Swingsaw GlacierTrek PRO Boot | Keeping fisherman on their feet by Erik Meisner on January 30, 2020. 



Originally designed for the commercial fishermen that operate in sub-zero temperatures, the new Swingsaw GlacierTrek PRO from XTRATUF incorporates a new technology that grips the boats wet, icy decks. Although not a commercial fisherman living in Alaska, I do live somewhere with a 5 month supply of icy conditions every year. So I've been diligently wearing the new Swingsaw boot from XTRATUF while snowploughing, shovelling rooftops, ice fishing and just general purpose use in icy conditions. Let’s take a look at why these boots are suited for walking on ice.

Looking at the sole of the Swingsaw, you’re eyes are quickly drawn to several ice blue coloured blocks strategically located throughout. It‘s these blocks that keep your feet from slipping on the icy surfaces. XTRATUF utilizes GlacierTrek PRO and SRC slip-resistant technology providing industry-leading traction in icy conditions. The blue blocks have sharp leading edges to help bite into the ice and they kinda feel like 100 grit sandpaper to me. After comparing the Swingsaw to a similar competitors winter boot on the same icy conditions, there was a noticeable difference in grip. Not sure how to measure that metric but my seat-of-the-pants analysis is that I’m more surefooted on icy lakes and roads.

XTRATUF Swingsaw GlacierTrek PRO 15” Legacy Boot Features:
100% Waterproof
HDR Rubber Upper for Oil/Acid and Chemical Resistance
EVA insole for added comfort
GlacierTrek™ PRO non-marking SRC-Rated Outsole Provides Excellent Slip Resistance
Spandura® covered 5mm Neoprene Bootie is Comfort Rated to -30°C
Approximately 2.7kg

"Designed for cold-weather fishing, both on deck and below, the Swingsaw is a game-changing boot for the commercial fishing industry. It features insulated waterproof construction on a GlacierTrek™ PRO outsole for superior traction. This dynamic outsole construction provides stability even when the deck conditions change quickly and drastically."

Comfort rated for temperatures down to a bone-chilling -30C, the 5mm Spandura covered Neoprene keeps the piggies pretty warm. I’ve had them on in 0F temperatures so far with basic socks and never noticed the cold. Full disclosure, I’m typically active in these boots so staying warm isn’t tough. Still waiting for a major cold front to blow through so I can get out there in -30C conditions and test the warmth in a static environment.

If you’re a commercial fisherman or someone who spends a lot of time in icy, slippery conditions, this non-marking, oil and chemical resistant cold weather boot may be just what you’ve been waiting for. They truly excel in the conditions they are designed for. My only complaint is that the tread on the Swingsaw really doesn’t fare as well in snowy conditions. The sole actually builds up with snow creating a lump on the bottom. In all fairness, snowy conditions are not what the Swingsaw is built for but just thought I’d share.

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