Huge Atlantic swells mean only one thing. Monster waves. XT Crew member, Louis Thomas-Hudson talk us through his mission to Ireland in early November, alongside XTRATUF Pro Team member, Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton.

XT Crew Louis Thomas-Hudson surfing a large wave

With a huge swell incoming from the Atlantic everyone was getting pretty excited. With the chart looking amazing for Ireland but also very good for Nazare it was a tough call to make whether to strike mission to Ireland or stay here in Nazare. 

Pro Team member Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton & Scottish big wave surfer, Ben Larg on a jet ski close to the coast with the sun setting behind a cloudy sky behind

Cotty decided that he was keen to go to Ireland and that I could travel over with him. We booked flights that evening for the following day. Myself, Cotty, Justine White, Ben Larg and Pina set off on the Strike Mission to Ireland.

Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton surfing a large wave

The next morning we met our friend Taz Knight at the harbour, hopped on a ski and out we went. We were the first ones out that day and it was amazing watching huge empty 30ft barrels rolling through as it was still getting light.

XT Crew Louis Thomas-Hudson surfing a large wave

The guys started towing pretty quick and we were out there for a 3-4 hours trading waves. Everyone got some amazing waves as well as some heavy wipeouts.

Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton fallen off his surfboard in the middle of a huge wave swell

It was one of the most perfect days out there and some of the barrels the guys got that day were insane to see. I was super stoked to get big set wave right at the end of the session. A successful strike mission for sure. Thanks to the local crew for sharing waves and the guys for an epic trip!

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