2x 4oz fillets of halibut 
2 tbsp canola oil 
Kosher salt 

Knob of butter 
1-2 tbsp capers 
1 lemon 
Bunch parsley  

Enough fresh pasta for two 

Light a fire and let it burn down to a good coal bed. Place a rack over top and preheat your cast iron skillet. Add some high-smoke point oil to the skillet and place a pot of salted water over the fire to boil. In the meantime, skin the halibut if necessary and season liberally with kosher salt. When your skillet is ripping hot, place the patted-dry halibut in the skillet by laying the fillets away from you. Don’t touch them: you want an audibly crispy crust to form, which can be impeded by moving them around. After a couple of minutes, add a few ¼” slices of lemon to the pan. Flip the halibut once the fillet gets opaque about a ¼ to ½ way up. Once the second side has a good crust, set the halibut aside. 
When the salted water has come to a rolling boil add in the pasta. Fresh pasta does not take very long to cook, so sample the noodles for doneness after a minute or two. Drain when cooked to your preferred doneness. 
If there is excess oil in the skillet, pour this off and add a knob of butter to the pan once it has cooled a bit. You don’t want to burn the butter but achieve a brown nuttiness. Add some finely diced garlic and a few tbsp of capers and sauté until fragrant. Squeeze a bit of lemon into the pan and add a generous sprinkling of parsley. Drain off the pasta and add into the skillet. Mix generously whilst adding a generous portion of grated parmesan. Nestle the halibut back in the pan, garnish with parsley, some finishing salt, and a healthy peppering of freshly cracked pepper. Enjoy riverside.  

About the Author: @castandiron 

Teddy Cosco is a passionate outdoorsman, enthusiastic camp cook, and sometimes-lucky fly fisherman. Exploring the tundra via floatplane, fishing off the Alaskan coast, and camping throughout the PNW, the Whitehorse-born now-Vancouverite grew up with the outdoors in his blood. 

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