Fishing the Wild Seas of Cornwall

Earlier this year, XTRATUF teamed up with Wild Seas – a collective of friends from Cornwall, who all share the same passion. Fishing. Wild Seas aims to bring the highest quality films to YouTube, whilst giving an insight into the teams lives, from their eyes to your screens!

 Kieren stood on coastal rocks fishing while waves hit the shore, wearing a Wild Seas jumper and a pair of Xtratuf ankle deck boots

We are lucky enough to call the diverse and productive waters of West Cornwall our home. The three of us have grown up exploring the coast and fishing from the rocks, and it has driven an addiction to catch more fish. Naturally over time, shore fishing progressed to fishing afloat from kayaks and boats, and our fishing adventures have taken us further afield across the UK and abroad. From the smallest mini species, to the oceans largest predators, we live to fish and fish to live.

Liam sat on a boat with a large fish that he's caught

Along the way we have each taken a slightly different path. Liam went off to university to study Marine Biology, and later moved onto managing a kayak fishing store.

Kieren sat on a boat with a large fish that he's caught

Kieren became a deckhand and later a skipper, and more recently has started running his own charter fishing boat.

Sam displaying a large fish he's caught on the boat

Sam delved into the world of videography with an impressive portfolio of work to his name, working with some of the biggest brands out there. But one thing has remained a constant for all of us though, drawing us back together at every opportunity… a deep-rooted addiction to fishing!

Man sat on a boat with feet up on deck with fishing rods in front. Wearing a pair of Xtratuf Legacy Fishing Boots

Wild Seas was born. A combination of everything we do and everything we are. We aim to showcase our fishing-obsessed lives through the highest quality fishing videos we can create. Be it clambering down a cliff to fish from the rocks, hauling fish from the boat on the inshore reefs or battling it out offshore with some of the biggest fish out there! We have also launched our own range of Fish Nugz fishing jigs and Wild Seas clothing available through our online store – be sure to check it out!

We are stoked to be wearing Xtratuf on our feet to take us on our fishing adventures. Footwear that we can rely on as we cast a line and reel in our next catch.

Follow Wild Seas adventures:

Youtube – Wild Seas Fishing

Facebook – Wild Seas

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Wild Seas Crew Boots

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