Emmanuel playing dominoes with his sister

When I was younger winter break from school was a super special time for me - being able to spend family time, fishing at the community lake or playing dominoes with my sister. This was also prime time to have our parents bring us over to Dania pier and fish all night. We weren’t catching big fish but we were enjoying ourselves and the time we spent together. 

Emmanuel Williams reeling in a large fish from a lake

The fall and winter months bring the wind here in Florida so things look a bit different today. Since I’m not able to get offshore as much now, I love getting into inshore Lobster diving or fishing some bridge spots like when I was younger, as well as taking my jet ski for everglades cruises with my Dad or fishing the freshwater nearby. These are memories I’ll never forget!

Emmanuel and a friend fishing at night with friend showing a fish caught on his line

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