Catch of the Week: Pro Team’s Emmanuel Williams, First Ever to Catch a Swordfish on a PWC

Four years ago, Emmanuel Williams told his circle of friends that he would be the first person in history to catch a Swordfish on a PWC. Last week, he did just that, proving that if you set your mind to something and believe, it will get done. As a fisherman who is fully dedicated to his craft, this catch signifies one of his biggest dreams turned into a reality.

Emmanuel sitting with another man on a jet ski smiling as they hold a large swordfish

On an early morning in late August, Emmanuel and a friend set out on a 50 mile trip into the waters of the Gulf off of Louisiana. Ripping through the water on his Seadoo rigged with swordfish bait, he set out to meet his goal. What began as a calm morning on the water, quickly turned into an unforgettable experience.

The silhouette of a person riding a jet ski in the ocean in the orange ambiance of a sunset. Emmanuel happily showing off his catch while back on land

In the middle of the Gulf, he set his rods into the water and waited, patiently, for three hours without one bite. After four hours, his rod dipped, and suddenly he was in a battle with a swordfish coming up from the depths. With the rod tight and heart racing, he kept cranking to get the fish to the surface. The boat was rocking from the rough waters, but he kept battling with the swordfish until he got it to the surface, and became the first ever to catch a Broadbill Swordfish on a PWC.

Emmanuel and another man initially pulling the swordfish from the water, and onto the jet ski

In his own words, “Hard work beats talent every time. Remember always trust your vision, It’s yours for a reason. History doesn't mean dates and textbooks, it means the unconquerable pioneer spirit of man. The world is yours.”

Watch this epic moment with Emmanuel here.

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