McKenna Peterson

Tell us about your first pair of XTRATUF®

For as long as I can remember; me, my brother and my sister would spend a portion of our summer on my father’s commercial fishing boat, a 58’ purse seiner. Our XTRATUF boots were our fishing uniform, signifying being a part of the team. When we were young we called them our ‘bubba roots’ a play on ‘rubber boots’. In our minds, it wasn’t possible to fish without ‘bubba roots’. Our XTRATUFs were essential to life on the boat.

Who did you learn to fish from?

Dad taught us to fish. He taught us to love and respect the ocean. Dad used to say that being a fisherman is very special because we are feeding the world wild caught protein, the last true hunter gatherers. When my father passed away in 2016, I took the helm of our family boat, F/V Atlantis. With my brother, Axel, and sister, Dylan, by my side, I have continued to seine for salmon in Southeast Alaska.

What else do you do in your boots?

Dad also taught us to ski and introduced us the joy that can be found in the mountains. As young adults, we quickly learned that the earnings from a summer of commercial fishing were enough to spend the winter skiing… only skiing. I started to live in my Legacy boots year round as parking lots of ski resorts tend to either be deep with snow or wet and muddy.

“Couldn't do it without you."

Shoutout to the crews of the #FVatlantis past and present! Couldn't do it without you. And to my brother, Axel @skisendski for keeping the mood light and my sister, Dylan @dyl.pete for keeping everything in line.

“I cherish the closeness of my family and our ability to navigate the oceans and mountains together."

I have been skiing professionally since 2012, jumping back and forth from cold wintry adventures to summers catching salmon on the Alaskan ocean.