"I thrive on the edge."

Meet McKenna Peterson, captain of F/V Atlantis and professional skier. No one could ever have imagined McKenna’s story. Her life has taken wild turns that feeds her adrenaline and fuels her to keep persevering. To keep doing. 

“My favorite feeling and what I'm always chasing is this complete shut off from the world around me. Where nothing else matters. You are completely in the moment, completely consumed by what’s in front of you. Your body moves without thought - time slows down. It’s an incredible feeling. It’s like a flow state.”

She started skiing at age three in Sun Valley Idaho where she fell in love with the vast open mountains – a shared passion for the entire family, set in place by her father who spent his summers fishing in Southeast Alaska to enable a winter focused on skiing and family. 

After tragically losing her father in 2016, McKenna instinctually took over her dad’s boat and spends each summer leading a crew salmon fishing in Alaska. This can be grueling and unforgiving work but her unbridled passion and father’s legacy drives her life’s work.

“I feel a connection to my dad all the time. On the fishing boat on the ocean. In the mountains. My life is based off his life. How cool of a gift is that to give your kids?”

“Live a life that’s full, that’s passionate. Live a life that’s fun.” – McKenna Peterson

To Learn More about McKenna Peterson, follow her epic adventures on Instagram: @mck_p


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