Captain Lionel

What is your connection to fishing and to Alaska?

I've been fishing since I was a kid. It was something my Pops and I shared. He was military, stationed here in Florida at Eglin Air Force base, before moving our family to Alaska when I was about 10 years old. Alaska is where I grew up and where I consider home.

Tell us about a funny fishing adventure?

Every 4th of July in Alaska, Montana Creek would open. You had to arrive days early to get a camping spot. One 4th happened to fall on a Saturday, which was also when the spring opened up for King Salmon season. I was working for a painting company at the time (that I hated) and my boss asked me to work on Saturday, but I was already camped out holding the fishing spot! I no-showed for work and ended up getting fired. But there was just no way I could give up the fishing spot just to go back to work.

What's your favourite dish?

Always fried fish. Back in the day, my Pops used to fry the fish we would catch, add two pieces of Wonder Bread, tomato, and mayo — that was dinner. I've always gone for fried fish since..

"I feel like I'm representing Alaska in everything I do here."

It's dope to be from Alaska and see the XTRATUF® sneaker here in Florida. It carries a deeper meaning, and while to some people it might just be a boot, I see other people "wearing Alaska" and it is a cool feeling.